I recently visited Monaco, home and playground of the rich and famous. Please note I was very much an interested onlooker or spectator rather than a regular resident at the Hotel De Paris with a Ferrari parked outside and a superyacht in the marina.

It was a fascinating place. Of course one of the things Monaco is famous for is the Formula One Grand Prix which is hosted every May. When walking around the city one gradually notices the red and white kerb markings and although in its’ every day guise the city looks different, one can recognise the route of the famous circuit. The city tour guides inform you that the lap record is something like 1 minute 14 seconds which equates to an average speed of over 100 mph. Then it starts to sink in – these streets are really narrow, they are very twisty, with lots of sharp bends and yet the AVERAGE speed is over 100mph – are these guys nuts? For sure it must be an exciting spectacle for participants and spectators alike.

Apparently it takes 6 weeks to prepare the city for the event, a race which lasts just over 2 hours. Here’s the parallel. Preparing Business Continuity Plans that will be effective and withstand scrutiny takes time, of course this is usually much longer than the incidents or events in which the plans will be used but nevertheless it is a worthwhile investment to ensure such events are dealt with successfully and safely.

The advantage the Monaco Grand Prix has is that the event is scheduled – tickets are already on sale for next year by the way – so securing buy in to 6 weeks work is easy because we know the event is going to happen.

Conversely, we ask people to invest time in preparing Business Continuity Plans ‘just in case.’ Urgency and commitment are therefore sometimes harder to secure.

Additionally a Formula One race through a beautiful Mediterranean city surrounded by the rich and famous somehow has a much more positive appeal than trying to schedule time with the manager in Customer Services who has been avoiding your calls for two weeks!

OK, so we all like the appeal of glamorous jobs but we mustn’t lose sight of the importance of doing, dare I say, the less glamorous ones, too. Not every car mechanic gets to work for a Formula One team but that’s not to say their work is no good or not important.

My final point on this topic is to re-emphasise the value of preparation. Some of you will be familiar with the often banded around 6P rule. It works because it serves as a reminder to consider and undertake appropriate preparations in our activities. The Monaco Grand Prix can only be the spectacle we enjoy each year because of all the good planning and preparation that transforms the city into a safe but exciting racing circuit.

If you are in Monaco and need my help with your Business Continuity Plans I’d be pleased to hear from you. Equally if you are in Manchester or Milton Keynes just give me a call……………

September 5, 2013 at 2:55 pm
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