We all like doing things they way we like doing things! Every Business Continuity practitioner I have worked with has had their own preferred way of addressing, implementing and documenting the essential elements that make up a robust Business Continuity approach. None of us are wrong, all of us are right.

The thing is, because our chosen methods work we stick to them and for sure, I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to ‘we should do it this way’. Then I am comfortable, I know what the outcomes will be and how they will look. Life becomes predictable. I can get my work done. I can get round.

To explain the title of this article, and some of you will have noticed a couple of golfing terms dropped into the wording, I want to illustrate my point through a recent experience in my quest to improve my game.

I have only really started getting properly into golf over the past few months so I am very much a novice. After hours on the practice range and a number of lessons I have started to play on the course now. Sometimes good. Sometimes not so good. It is golf.

Recently I felt that further improvements were required and I also knew that I needed to correct some weak or bad aspects that had crept into my game. Back to the Pro for some advice and more lessons. This proved to be very worthwhile. Someone taking an informed look at what I was doing immediately highlighted a simple correction that increased the distance of my shots by around 30m – when I hit one properly! On video playback I could see the error for myself which allowed me to focus on that aspect and work to overcome the issue.

Now I am hopefully another step forward in being able to catch up with the guys I play with.

Had I not invested in the lesson I would have carried on playing the same game with the same error, the same limitations, the same frustrations and would never have benefitted from a simple change that improved my technique and ultimately made my next time on the course more enjoyable.

How often do we take a step back from our work to review what we do and how we go about it? How often do we invite anyone to take a look at our methods and processes? How open are we to such scrutiny and feedback? For sure it is a big step to open ourselves up to such an idea.

If we consider the parallel with my golf analogy though, we could be missing out on improvements to make us more effective and/or we could be missing out on risks and threats we had not considered. We don’t know what we don’t know.

So, if you are in involved with a Business Continuity programme, and things are being done the way you have always done them, just pause for thought. Is the time right to take stock of whether we are missing out on improvements?

The starting point of most of my contract work is often a review of an organisation’s current Business Continuity Plans – some are pretty good, some are so old they are written on parchment but usually they form the basis on which to build and improve. To put this into golfing terms, the organisation knows what the game is, the techniques may be a bit rusty, the equipment may be outdated and the key disciplines have not been kept sharp. Solution – speak to your pro and get back to hitting par! If you need any help reviewing your current Business Continuity Plans and procedures I’d be happy to assist you so that we can improve your game!

May 21, 2019 at 8:06 am
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