It may be true that some organisations will never experience a disruptive incident but no Managing Director or CEO will relish the prospect of explaining to the Media or to key stakeholders why their organisation cannot account for it’s people or continue to operate.

The ability to respond quickly and effectively when an incident occurs is of paramount importance. Clear procedures, well defined roles, trained people and appropriate use of tools and techniques will all enable your organisation to act responsibly and appropriately to safeguard your people and to protect your brand and reputation.

Obviously not all incidents are going to make newspaper headlines but even a localised incident can have significant consequences. Amazingly many organisations still take the approach of ‘it will never happen to us’.

In the past five years I have been working with clients whilst they have experienced power outages, floods, a legionnaires disease outbreak, burst water mains, inclement weather, transport disruption, swine flu and a direct attack by protestors.

I can help you with some simple preparations that will make all the difference to how your organisation responds. We all hope we won’t have to implement our response plans but I stand by the phrase ‘it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it’.

My Simple and Effective Guide on Crisis Management provides you with the steps and information you need to create, develop and exercise a Crisis Management Team appropriate to your organisation. Visit the Product Page or click on the image to the right to purchase the guide.

“AW Continuity have been providing us with Business Continuity consultancy, training and support since 2008. Alan recently came to run our annual Crisis Management Team exercise scenario which was a resounding success. He made it informative, participative and great fun. The whole team benefitted from an excellent afternoon and we feel the company is better prepared for the unexpected going forward.”
JT, Facilities Manager, Equity Partners.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Alan Walker MBCI
AW Continuity Ltd