The need for organisations to demonstrate appropriate Business Continuity arrangements has increased significantly over recent years. The introduction of the standards BS-25999 and ISO 22301 has become a key driver behind this trend.

Contractual and regulatory obligations mean that your organisation may be required to provide evidence and assurances of your Business Continuity capabilities on an ongoing basis to auditors, regulators or as part of due diligence activities.

It also makes sense for any organisation that has invested in developing their Business Continuity disciplines to ensure that all components are owned and maintained to ensure they remain fit for purpose at all times. All too often my work as a Business Continuity consultant starts with me inheriting a set of out of date plans which would serve little value if an incident was to occur.

Regular maintenance can be achieved using fewer resources than having to rebuild a complete set of plans and avoids diverting valuable resources away from earning income or servicing your clients.

I can help you implement some simple good practices that will ensure your organisation maintains a high degree of confidence in your Business Continuity plans, procedures and capabilities so give me a call.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Alan Walker MBCI
AW Continuity Ltd