What is the purpose of a Business Continuity, Crisis Management or Disaster Recovery plan?

Often in my work I am presented with plans that consist of 50 or more pages covering all manner of related topics, background information and theory. Usually the ’plan’ is out of date and the sheer size of it means that no one will have read it and worse still no one will have it with them when they need it.

In my opinion, plans need to be about action.

Your Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Plans also need to be adaptable and available whenever required to suit a range of different circumstances. It is important to test and exercise your plans in order to ensure they work as intended and that your people are comfortable and well practised in using them.

I can help you prepare plans that will allow every team or department in your organisation to respond effectively to an incident. Simple plans are much easier to maintain, follow and keep available so just by adopting an appropriate format for your plans, you will be able to respond better to an incident.

I can also support you in preparing and executing reliable tests and exercises that will validate and improve your plans.

My Simple and Effective Guide on Crisis Management includes lots of relevant material on how plans need to be prepared and some of the testing and exercising that should be undertaken. Visit the Product Page or click on the image to the right for more information and to purchase the Guide.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Alan Walker MBCI
AW Continuity Ltd