Whatever type of organisation you work for you really need to think about Business Continuity.

Business Continuity is about protecting your organisation, particularly in the following areas:-
– Your people
– Your reputation
– Your brand
– Your stakeholders
– Your operations
– Your financial position
– Your legal obligations.

My approach to Business Continuity is based on the following key themes:-

‘Are You Working Tomorrow?’ – We all take it for granted that tomorrow will be like any other day but there’s too much at stake to risk not being prepared in case it’s not. Our organisations’ stakeholders are less tolerant of service outages or failures than ever before and in the current climate the need to maintain reputation and market share has never been greater. Take a look at some case studies to see how I have helped organisations such as yours.

‘Simple and Effective’ – My range of Simple and Effective Guides has been developed for organisations looking to implement good Business Continuity practices in a very cost effective way. Each guide covers a key topic and provides an easy to follow methodology to develop tried and tested capabilities that actually work.

Feedback from purchasers of the guides has been very positive so I am confident you will be able to make good progress as soon as you have downloaded the guides you need..

Visit the Product page or click on the images to the right to find out more and purchase the material you need.

’Regular Articles’ – This website now includes over 80 articles on all manner of Business Continuity related topics. These are designed to assist visitors in understanding Business Continuity concepts or in tackling issues. Why not take a browse through the article pages or search on particular subjects to find what you need. I hope you find them useful, interesting and relevant. I’m always happy to take feedback – why not let me know your favourite? If you follow me on Twitter – just click the button to the right – the articles will be available to you immediately they are published wherever you happen to be.

Alan is a pragmatic, energetic and extremely hard working consultant.  I have had the pleasure of working with Alan on a number of occasions and found his can-do attitude and inter-personal skills a key factor in the repeated success of the work he performs. EL, Managing Director, Business Transformation Consultancy.

So, whether you need to engage me to help you develop, implement or improve your Business Continuity, Crisis Management or Disaster Recovery capabilities or decide to purchase one of my Simple And Effective Guides I hope I have helped you prepare for tomorrow.

I look forward to working with you.

Alan Walker MBCI
AW Continuity Ltd