Case Study One.

My client had just won a large contract and needed to satisfy a number of Business Continuity requirements and expectations stipulated by the new customer.

Working within a very tight deadline several improvements were made to existing practices in order to satisfy the requirements including preparation of a Corporate Business Continuity Policy, improved business continuity planning, improved crisis management and better governance. Comprehensive evidence was prepared and presented to the end customer which resulted in sign off being achieved at the first attempt.

Case Study Two.

My client needed to make specific Business Continuity preparations for the potential impact of the Olympic Games that took place in London in 2012. I introduced much improved Business Continuity Plans and an improved Business Impact Analysis. I delivered training for the Crisis Management Team which was followed by a scenario based exercise I prepared and facilitated.

The Olympic run plans proved successful and the Corporate Business Continuity Policy has now been revised and improved.

Case Study Three.

For this client I prepared and delivered a comprehensive 2 day workshop on Business Continuity which provided them with a robust approach for developing and improving their Business Continuity plans. Several items of useful material were provided to assist them in completing a Business Impact Analysis and to prepare appropriate, practical plans and policies.

A return visit was undertaken to validate the work completed by the client and to offer guidance on next steps. The client was pleased with the practical approach and is now confident in using and maintaining their Business Continuity plans. In addition the client is well placed to satisfy audit and due diligence activity to which they may be subject in the future.

Case Study Four.

This particular client maintains high standards on their Business Continuity activities and disciplines and I work with them on a regular basis to support an active programme.

Over the past few years I have run several exercises for their Crisis Management and operational team as well as preparing plans, policy, governance frameworks and working with them on some specialist topics such as an extraction plan for one of their offshore offices.

Case Study Five.

My client had assigned responsibility for Business Continuity to an internal manager and my role was to guide and support them in establishing appropriate good practices, methodologies and standards across the UK operations.

I continued to provide mentoring support for the next few years beyond the end of the assignment until the manager achieved their MBCI accreditation.

Case Study Six.

This client wanted to gain a good understanding of their Business Continuity risks and the actions necessary to address them. I conducted a Business Continuity audit and provided them with a detailed report and a list of recommendations in priority order which were then implemented.

Undertaking the audit enabled the client to take a structured and effective approach to their Business Continuity planning.