As a self-employed consultant I am well used to having to fulfil several roles to ensure my company delivers to target and also satisfies all the demands and expectations placed on it. At a moment’s notice I can switch between my role as Head of Marketing, Head of Payroll, Head of Operations, Head of IT, Head of HR, Head of Finance plus any other jobs that need doing – but only after the client work is done for the day.

Thank goodness for weekends!

But as any father and husband knows, when you get home you then become Head of IT, Head of Facilities Management and Head of Transport, all of whom report to the house manager who may assign additional tasks as necessary.

I love it!

The only trouble is that if something goes wrong – it’s likely to be ‘on my patch.’

A story for you. The increasing number of devices running off our home Wi-Fi hub seems to be growing exponentially – two teenagers, two adults, a TV with On Demand plus a constant stream of visiting friends have all added to the increased demand – I’m actually getting very suspicious of the dog too as he’s been acting very strangely lately. The resultant complaint levels about performance levels at peak times meant that improvements were required so the head of IT was summoned.

A cunning change to infrastructure did the trick and the head of IT enjoyed hero status for about half a day. Cool.

The following weekend the Head of IT was alerted to a service outage and asked to fix it – pronto!

Investigations suggested that everything was working normally so maybe the cause was at the user end – ‘no chance – you can’t pin it on me’. OK back to check, yep everything is working fine and certainly the problem was not being experienced in IT – plus the Head of IT has other jobs to be getting on with….

During the investigations a news item appeared – on line I should mention – highlighting that BT were apologising to customers for an internet outage that had impacted certain websites and social media channels but that users should now find everything was back to normal.

The Head of IT informed the user of this news and suggested a quick refresh of the device to see if the problem had indeed been resolved. Excellent, the user was up and running again and the IT man took the opportunity to highlight the outage wasn’t his fault.

‘Well, it is Dad – you shouldn’t be with BT!’

You can’t win. To Dads and IT managers everywhere you have my sympathy.

The moral of the story is don’t jump to conclusions and be careful of apportioning blame until the full facts are known.

Right, what is that dog up to?

July 20, 2014 at 4:37 pm
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