A distant acquaintance has just decided to treat himself to a Ferrari. It’s beautiful, it’s a pure indulgence, he loves it but the new acquisition is not without challenges. Firstly he had to extend his garage to accommodate it, secondly he had to buy another car because the Ferrari is only for dry days and finally he won’t park it in town for fear of it getting damaged. Nevertheless he’s ecstatic and loving every minute of driving around in it.

A couple of days later I was at an event where I met a guy who was totally and utterly practical. ‘Don’t buy anything unless you really need it, and definitely only if you can easily afford it’ was his view – no indulgences for this guy!

Of course, both guys have a point, they are both right, I agree with being sensible and practical but surely if you have worked hard and can afford your chosen indulgence, then why not?

Do you find a similar dilemma in your workplace?

You are passionate about your topic, you want to do the best you can with it, you want your outputs to be impressive and admired. You’re trying to build a Ferrari! You want a Ferrari!

The only problem is the organisation doesn’t want to spend the budget you need. You’re going to have to compromise and restrict yourself to building something that will do the job but maybe won’t be so impressive, won’t be so fast or so flash.

Now you are going to feel disappointed. Perhaps the organisation is going to feel disappointed too. At the end of the process or project everyone would love to have the Ferrari, they may have imagined how it would look, how it would feel and the admiration they would get from their peers…….but they can’t have it.

Some voices will be saying, ‘it would have been too much of an overhead, it would cost a lot to run, there would be problems, the risks are too great, and anyway the Toyota Prius is much more in line with our image and values.’

So annoying! You’ve seen what you want but the bean counters have denied you the indulgence.

If only you could build a Ferrari for the cost of a Prius – then everyone would be happy. Believe me there are people in your organisation who are secretly hoping you can pull that one off! If this was possible everyone would have a Ferrari so the exclusivity would be lost and you’d have to up the game even further to stand out from the crowd.

OK so we have to accept that some things in life are indulgences – there’s a time and a place for them, but equally we have to be realistic and practical with other aspects of our lives.

My final point on all of this is that personally I would never buy a Ferrari. I would want something which is more practical, more cost effective and even better looking so obviously I would choose a Porsche every time.

March 22, 2015 at 11:29 am
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