I’m sure that by now you have seen enough articles advising you on all manner of things that you must do in 2014 to improve your life so don’t worry I’m not going to be adding to your list of good intentions here. I’ll just wish you good luck with your resolutions!

Whilst I am writing this I am being constantly reminded of the power of nature and the impact it can have on our lives and on our organisations. A quick scan across the news pages will highlight examples of flooding, tidal surges, snow, extreme high temperatures, landslides, fog, storm force winds and so on.

The fact is nature will do what it wants so we just have to be ready to deal with the impacts.

Despite all our modern buildings and so say resilient infrastructures we can still get caught out. The number of recent incidents involving homes and businesses around the world being without electricity for days on end merely serves to illustrate the point.

Even if we seek to accurately predict every potential incident the newscasters consistently deliver articles claiming ‘the highest since records began’ so it almost seems as though nature is seeking to outdo itself year on year. Whatever we predict or prepare for, there always seems to be another level to overcome.

That said, some of the recent weather forecasting has been timely and accurate meaning that response agencies as well as everyday folk can prepare and be ready to react to the impacts. Our ability to communicate information to wide and varied audiences quickly and succinctly offers a huge advantage that we didn’t have even just a few years ago.

On this point there are still people who perceive social media as a playground for teenagers taking selfies and reporting their minute by minute activities to each other. What I would say is that the grown ups are catching up and although initially not a fan of social media tools I too am now making more and more use of them on a daily basis in my work.

There are people who will use the recent events to highlight claims of how we are damaging the planet and causing nature to behave in extreme ways. Whether you believe the claims or not we are still faced with having to deal with the impacts.

If you’ve been involved in Business Continuity for any length of time there’s a good chance you will have been involved in exercises, incidents or planning involving natural events such as inclement weather. Given the experiences of the past couple of months weather remains a recurring cause of disruption to our lives so whilst it’s easy to think ‘we have exercised or tested for such scenarios’ I recommend you keep repeating such activities. The probability is you will be impacted by nature sooner or later.

In closing, someone commented to me once that ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.’ So if there is a parallel in this it is to ensure you organisation is ‘dressed appropriately’ for the conditions.

If you need any help preparing your organisation to deal with such incidents, don’t wait for the weather warning, give me a call now.

January 3, 2014 at 3:43 pm
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