On the front page of my Free Guide To Business Continuity there’s a list of almost 30 potential causes for disruption or even destruction of your business. 30! If week by week, month by month you’ve managed to avoid or survive such incidents well done and I hope your luck continues.

Now, given the nature of some of these threats i.e. that many of them are beyond your control or that they can happen to the most vigilant and prudent organisations you should think about the likelihood of your luck running out one day.

I can’t run my business on luck or leave things to chance. If I fail to control my risks or avoid taking steps to protect my business it’s one day going to collapse around me. It will be my fault. How about you and your organisation?

Choose any one of the 30 or so potential disruptions from my list and imagine yourself in front of your Chief Executive explaining how a known, expected threat is about to destroy your organisation. Still feeling lucky?

My approach to Business Continuity has always been to ‘do what’s right for you’. I’ve learned over the years that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution so when I’m working with organisations I don’t care whether the plans or procedures are the same as all the others I’ve worked on.  The only measure of success is that they work effectively for you when they need to. Your Chief Executive isn’t going to be interested in the detail, they just want to get out of the mess, keep the organisation’s stakeholders happy, avoid any negative media exposure and eliminate any risk of their bonus being jeopardised.

Even some basic, simple preparations and practice will make a big difference to how your organisation responds to and ultimately survives a major incident. Don’t put this off because you think it’s too hard, too complicated or too time consuming. It’s not.

Not every programme of work I have completed has demanded the achievement of an ISO or British Standard accreditation. Many organisations just want to be sure they have practical and robust capabilities in place so that on the day their luck finally runs out they know they will survive. Do you know what you need?

Right now I’m feeling lucky so I’m off to buy a lottery ticket. If this results in me being unavailable to help you then I apologise!

October 8, 2012 at 7:29 am
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