If you’ve just taken delivery of your iPhone 6 congratulations and I hope you are enjoying it.

There must be an awful lot of you out there with this new equipment because as I commute and travel around virtually everyone is fixated on the device in their hand, completely oblivious to everything around them. OK it’s not just iPhones people are fixated with as the trend nowadays seems to be ‘never take your eyes off.’ If it wasn’t for the announcements on trains and the tube I think people would regularly end up at the other end of the country, or even Upminster!

Commuters literally seem to be following their GPS on the route to work or continuing to read the next enthralling chapter of the latest novel on their Kindle as they walk along the street or through the shopping mall.

If aliens landed they would think the devices are essential for us to function and that if they could wrest them from our hands they would easily assume world domination.

I’m coming to the conclusion that if something exciting or sinister happened around us people would quite literally step over it and continue on regardless – which is a bit worrying in the current climate. The recent increase in the UK Terror Threat level is surely directed to encourage us to be more vigilant, to be more aware, to notice the out of the ordinary. Well, provided we get an email, text or tweet we’ll all be ready but if the guy next to us pulls out a gun or knife it’s going to escape our attention.

It pays to be aware.

To a degree the same could be true in the office. We all work hard and focus all day on the information we receive and see on our screens. In the field of Business Continuity and Risk we sometimes need to get beyond just the stuff we are sent and extend our field of vision to what’s going on around us. What else is out there that we need to be aware of and consider?

I know I seem to be drifting away from iPhones here but bear with me……

In the workplace a great example of someone who gets ‘out there to see stuff’ is your Facilities Manager. Go and have a coffee with them and ask them to show you their iPhone. I guarantee they will have photos of hazards they have seen whilst doing their rounds – real evidence of risks they have encountered – poor or damaged electrics, fire doors blocked or left wide open, chemicals stored inappropriately and my favourite of an electrician working at the top of a step ladder placed in the middle of a swimming pool!

Before I explain the prompt behind this article, the message is to remain alert, remain vigilant so that we are ready and able to respond when something happens.

OK, so if you haven’t already guessed. Busy street full of football fans making their way home after the match, it’s dark, everyone’s heading the same direction and the crowd has thinned a bit so we have built up a bit of pace. CRACK! The guy in front of me was so preoccupied with viewing his device he didn’t see the lamppost…………………….

Oh, and finally the app that promises to make your iPhone waterproof doesn’t work!

September 26, 2014 at 11:13 am
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