Here in the UK we have just enjoyed a long weekend due to the early May Public Holiday. A great chance to do something constructive and enjoyable – like climb a mountain!

My wife and I decided to head off to Wales with some friends and the dog to do just that. We haven’t done this for a while so there was some frantic shopping in the days leading up to the weekend as we found the old boots and kit no longer fitted or was no longer in suitable condition.

Off we went, full of enthusiasm and sense of purpose.

When I was younger I did a lot of hill walking and mountaineering (if you can use that term in the UK) and in preparing for our walk I remembered all the precautions, the kit and even the procedures that were instilled into us as youngsters to ensure everyone remained safe.

Even though I hadn’t thought about all these things for a number of years it was amazing how much came flooding back to me as we got closer to the event. Items we needed to take, the procedures to follow if something went wrong, the conditions we should expect and finally the disciplines we should follow before during and after to ensure we all coped with the challenge.

I was keen to avoid becoming ‘Team Health and Safety Officer’ or to bore everyone rigid with instructions and advice – an approach I felt was prudent to avoid being pushed over the edge of a precipice by the others. But I did pack a few extra essential items into my backpack and ran through a lot of ‘what if’ scenarios in my head.

So what’s all this got to do with Crisis Management and Business Continuity?

Well, firstly it shows that if you undergo good training, and that also means plenty of training, best practices will become ingrained for life. This allows us to deal with situations when they suddenly present themselves in the future.

Secondly, all activities we undertake require us to plan, prepare and perform properly if we are to succeed. The infamous 6P Rule!

Next, we need to assess potential risks and be ready to manage them.

And finally, watch and learn about the people you are with. Some surprise you and perform better than you expect and others have fears and aversions you may need to support them through. Team work!

We climbed our mountain and are already planning the next one. We will be even better prepared and even better organised.

Are you ready for your mountain?