Theory is all well and good but will your plans, procedures and solutions actually work in a real incident? How confident will your people be in managing incidents if they haven’t received adequate training and been given opportunity to practise? Will your organisation actually perform to the required standards and expectations when using alternative working arrangements?

Changes take place in every organisation on a daily basis including alterations to IT services and infrastructure, revisions to business requirements and changes to personnel. Many of these changes can be overlooked even though they impact the Business Continuity planning and arrangements.

Appropriate and realistic tests and exercises are an effective way of building confidence, raising awareness and improving all the various elements that make up the incident response and business continuity capabilities.

I cannot understate the value of regular, structured and objective testing and exercising. I use a variety of tests and exercises with my clients to prove that key components are fit for purpose and to identify areas for improvement.

In my view there is no such thing as a failed test – I guarantee that your organisation will learn and improve from every exercise and be better prepared for a real incident when it occurs.

Much of my repeat business is based on the need for support in organising and conducting tests and exercises so when you are ready, just give me a call.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Alan Walker MBCI
AW Continuity Ltd