All through our working lives we are told that keeping things simple is often the best way to get stuff done. Don’t overcomplicate. Don’t over engineer. Simple works.

‘Simple and Effective’ is my most used phrase this week because, as many of you have seen, I have launched my first product under the banner of ‘Simple and Effective’. The phrase has been appearing in my business strapline for several years now and is a value I hold onto in all my work.

We are all busy so every task we can complete with these attributes is a bonus.

When things are simple, people get them quickly, people are not confused or put off, tasks become achievable and real progress can be made. It’s almost a relief when something you have been putting off for fear of it taking a long time, being too complex or too expensive turns out to be easier and quicker than you expected – in my experience this happens a lot. You need ‘Simple and Effective!’

Combine simple with effective and you have a great formula for success – if something is easy to do and delivers results you would want some of that wouldn’t you? You need ‘Simple and Effective!’

We all love that feeling of achievement. I worked with a really good team a number of years ago and I asked them all to prepare a short report at the end of each month of what they had done. It wasn’t so much for my benefit as theirs so that they could look back and recognise all they had achieved. At the end of the year the team produced a flyer highlighting the major achievements – it made impressive reading.

What’s the point of climbing a mountain if you don’t look back every now and then to enjoy the view and see how far you have travelled. You never get to enjoy the view if you don’t set off, take the first steps and make your way towards the summit.

‘Simple and Effective’ is the way to go. I’ve learned over the years that business owners, executives and managers are all extremely busy making their organisations successful. They see the value in this, it’s what they are in those roles to do. Business Continuity is one of those activities that has potential to divert resources away from revenue generating or customer facing activities. I understand this, so whether working on an assignment for a client or designing products, I stick by ‘Simple and Effective’ because I know that’s what people want.

If you have been putting off Business Continuity activities there’s really no need to delay any further – whether you buy my products or hire me to help you I will guarantee that you will receive a ‘Simple and Effective’ approach. Click or call it’s up to you.