Are you watching the Six Nations Rugby tournament? Will England complete the Grand Slam or will Wales pip them at the post? England can even afford to lose next weekend but still emerge as winners! It’s all set up for a tremendous final round of matches next weekend – don’t miss it!

These matches must be crazy to play in. So many players moving around so quickly in a cauldron of noise and all expected to carry out their jobs to perfection. The crowd and the teams of analysts able to watch each sequence of play several times over before confirming whether a player or team made the right call at the right time have it easy compared to the guys on the pitch.

Are these the ultimate teams?

Rugby is a complex and demanding game in every sense. So many skills are required, so many roles to be undertaken and all the rehearsed drills or set plays to remember within a set of rules that most of us struggle to keep up with………………and all this in one of the most physically demanding of sporting battles where human giants batter each other relentlessly for 80 minutes.

To the uninitiated rugby must seem on first impression like a chaotic form of team combat but with the help of the commentators and on closer analysis we can see the methods within the madness, we can see the strategies, the tactics and the game plans as one team strives to overcome the other.

Mistakes on the pitch can be costly and often form the turning point between victory and defeat. With a stadium crowd of 80000 and millions more watching on TV who get to see every error in HD glory from every conceivable angle several times over there is quite frankly no hiding place – that’s pressure!

What sort of super humans are the players who can perform at this level under such demanding conditions? Respect guys!

I love watching what happens during a match – obviously the action on the pitch is the prime focus but take time to observe what is going on elsewhere. The replacements are ready to step in at a moment’s notice, team medics are on instant call, coaches and tacticians are implementing decisions and changes, analysts are gathering all the data and churning out statistics for us whilst the match is in progress. Every member of this extended team needs to be 100% on their mettle 100% of the time.

Despite all the pressure, all the brutality of the sport, it is played with professional dignity and pride. There will always be comparisons to football, that’s inevitable, particularly around the conduct of everyone involved – including the spectators. One quick example – one of the giants gave away a penalty yesterday and through the referees’ microphone we heard him apologise like a contrite schoolboy – respect guys!

So, final round of matches next weekend. Saturday 16 March 17.00 Wales v England. Don’t miss it.

If you are responsible for building, coaching or managing any kind of team, watch and learn.

March 11, 2013 at 9:45 am
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